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Monday, 24 February 2014

continue ...*sigh

... and yeah the word "NOW" with edy dah tak ada ..
haha kitaorang selalu ada je nak gaduh time tu . hm i dont know why
then i soal a trick question .. 
i ask him , wether that we should be just FRIENDS
dah asyik asyik nak gaduh je kan . ugh
then you know what he replied ? he say
~hmmmmmm bye !~
yeah , i know i banyak fikir that maybe this is all on me . 
aku yang salah , aku yang start 
but then , you know what  
i BEGGED him to come back at me , ugh this is my first time
i let myself be in the lowest position .
but he never replied my text , whatsapp , wechat and calls .
i cried , and cried and CRIED (ofcourse-,-)
then one day he suddently rajin nak balas ..
he said he is just tired with relationships and that 
no one had been believe in him in what so ever ..
then i appologies and say our farewells .
until ..
one day at my work place , as i were gossiping with my bff (farah) about hime
haha , i laughed . " ye , kita dah break dengan dia , kenapa farah macam 
terkejut ? "
then she said , " ouh hm patutlah tadi nampak edy at market dengan ex edy (wiza)
and her family .
then that moment i realized he was still in love with her and had misses her 
eventhough me and him were couples .
then i whatsapp him saying , " congrates awak dah balik dengan
ex awak tu , patut lah tanak terima saya rupanya da sangkut hati balik dengan dia ." he replied "saya keluar dengan family dia sekali , mestilah dia ada . hm saya tak ada apa apa pun dengan dialah awak . "suka hati awak lah"
itu kali terakhir kita whatsapp . 
you know what , i regret that i had ruined my friendship with him
by being couples . and now i just sigh at what had passed .
after that breakup my ex , issie ofcourse was there for me . 
haha dia tu memang dari dulu never quit nak like be together balik .
dia lah yang pujuk and caring sangat pasal keadaan saya .
cair pun ada hahaha . dont judge .
then malam 8/1/2014 dia minta couple .. it sounded like this ..
"saya Nik Muhd Fari Asyraf terima Iman Nabilla sebagai isteri dengan mas kahwin 10000 duit monopoli and rumah mainan saidina ?"
haha ada lahh macam tu sikit . so i said 
(well duhh)
dia now is a busy man . working all the time but i want and trying hard to keep this relay even longer .

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