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Friday, 3 January 2014

comeback , love story :)

heyy peeps ..*buat muka comel
hehe ye ye sorry .. saya tau saya dah lama tak update .. jangan babap saya 
okay .. hee
okay last time saaya ada couple dengan syafiq kan .. but semua tuh dah hancus
now , i kind of HATE HIM !
opss , sampai mgaduh besar dengan awwek dia . pft ntah apa apa salah faham .
grow up please girl -,-
after him , then came Asyaari in my life .
but it only lasted for a month .. things just got complicated .. 
then ,kent issie appeared in my life too .
old friend turns to love couples .
but he didnt understand me , doesnt really care about me ..
i tried to follow his ways but i just cant . i was hurt underneath .
now , im with Zuraidi .. he was my ex crush before ..
he was a sarjan and so was i ..
(that was when we're both form 5 (2013))
ceceyhh now we're 18 xD
he is so sensitive and sweet . cute :)
oh no clock is ticking .. gotta go . 
sorry , will write back later on ..
to be continued ..........................................

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